Why the Partnership?

It is important to understand the significant connection between mobility and general wellness, even in healthy dogs.
Antinol®️ engaged GDS to collaborate on a partnership that addresses an important topic of taking preventive measures to keep working dogs in tip top condition. This partnership will help to maintain the quality of life of these dogs and enable them to give their best.

About Guide Dogs Singapore

Founded in 2006, Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) is a social service organisation that aims to enhance the quality of life and independence for the vision impaired community in Singapore. GDS provides rehabilitation programmes and services to support those with vision loss to achieve their fullest potential within society such as Orientation and Mobility (O&M) training, Accessibility and Technology training, Guide Dog Programmes, as well as organising Client-Centric activities to encourage a more active lifestyle for clients.

If you know someone who might benefit from GDS’s programmes or services, visit guidedogs.org.sg or follow their social media pages!

Facebook: Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd
Instagram: @guidedogs_sg
Email: admin@guidedogs.org.sg

Our Partnership

Antinol® is proud to be in partnership with GDS. It’s all about supporting the joint + mental health of these noble working dogs, ensuring that they can give of their best in guiding their visually impaired handlers.

Meet Vanessa Loh - General Manager of GDS

Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (GDS) is a social service agency that aims to enhance the quality of life and independence for the blind and vision-impaired community in Singapore. One of the services we provide to our clients is the use of guide dogs. Antinol supports the wellbeing of our dogs and optimises their working life. This means happy, active, and healthy dogs to ensure safe and efficient travel for our clients. We look forward to a long-standing partnership with Antinol to support the health of more guide dogs and bring about greater independence for more people with vision impairment.