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13-year-old Party is racing the other dogs and winning now!

By Antinol Team

Written with love

Party is 13 years old and has had an exciting life as a competitive agility dog with Ginsey and her family in Georgia. She shares her home with seven other agility dogs, all border collies and border collie x papillons, who compete together in both USDAA and UKI competitions.

Ginsey's Border Collies

Several years ago, Party needed TPLO surgery on her knee. She recovered quickly and returned to her happy self, but Ginsey noticed she had slowed down.

“She didn't run as much. She's always been a big runner – running in the fields, chasing dogs and racing. She hung with me a little more than she had in the past. She just didn't do as much playing and running,” says Ginsey.

That all changed when Ginsey attended the Cynosports event last year.
“I stopped by the Antinol® booth at Cynosports and spoke to the people there. I thought it might help Party, but before I started her on it, I spoke to several people and checked with my vet. Everyone that I spoke to said it was good. It looked great. I read some of the research, and I went ahead.”

Ginsey had tried various supplements before to support Party, with little success.

“Honestly, I don't know that I really had big expectations of Antinol®. I was just hoping that it would make her feel better, that it would make her more comfortable, but I didn’t expect to see a gigantic difference…and then I did. So much so that I’ve put some of my competition dogs on it too!”

Party was given Antinol® for three weeks before Ginsey noticed a difference, but then it was like Party was a different dog!

Party with Ginsey

“We started noticing that she was acting more like a very young dog. Really challenging the other dogs to race, which is quite funny with a 13-year-old dog racing dogs... and winning! I've tried various supplements before, but Antinol® was the first thing that I really felt gave her, her zip back... her energy back. Now it’s the only supplement she's on.

“This is a 13-year-old dog that's bouncing off the sofas and stuff now. It was really surprising.”

And it’s not just her mobility and zest for life that has taken a turn for the better; Ginsey reports that Party is more alert and interactive, wanting to play with her friends.

Now Ginsey also gives Antinol® to her other competitive dogs to support their healthy, long-term mobility throughout their competitive careers. 

“To me, I feel like they are more active, and they seem to recover from competitive weekends more quickly. They get tired. They work really hard during those weekends. It seems like, the next day, they're not as tired with the Antinol®. They seem happier and more active. They want to play all the time. When they get up on Monday morning, they're ready to go right back out and do it again.”

Ginsey and her family are delighted with the difference Antinol® has made to Party’s life, and here at Antinol®, we loved hearing the impact it is having on her life.

“Seeing the transformation in her has been wonderful,” says Ginsey. “We laugh at her all the time now. It makes you feel really good that your dog is feeling so much better.”

Party posing with their ribbons

Want to know how Antinol® supports the USDAA? Read about our partnership HERE.

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